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SSA & Company Notebook

Digital continues to play a leading role in how organizations stay successful, and we continue to help our clients build actionable strategies that embrace these changes. This edition of the Notebook features our latest thought leadership, news, and updates. See what our experts are saying about private equity, financial services, blockchain, AI, and retail, and visit our website for even more insights.

In the Press

1. Thought Leadership: Digital Transformation Success—The Human Factor

The human factor is usually the last thing companies think about when undergoing digital transformation, and it should be the first. This article by John Rodgers and Rajeev Aggarwal outlines ways companies can accelerate employee adoption of digital transformation initiatives.

2. Insight: Steps to Build a Pragmatic AI Strategy

Nick Kramer offers his thoughts on what companies should prioritize when building an AI strategy.

3. Insight: Goldman Retreat from RIA Market Shows Pitfalls of Chasing Varied Clients

Pierre Buhler spoke with Investment News about Goldman Sachs’s decision to drop its registered investment advisor business.

4. Thought Leadership: Leading Portfolio Companies in Times of Uncertainty

External headwinds and difficult performance outlooks have forced private equity firms to rethink near-term prospects and portfolio company strategies. Matt Katz and Andrew Solar outline a new playbook for private equity companies leading in uncertainty.

5. Insight: The ABCs of a Successful Back-to-School Shopping Season

Matt Katz is featured in this Retail TouchPoints article looking at how the traditional back-to-school shopping season has changed.

6. Insight: Deposit Growth in Tricky Times

Vinod Prashad is featured in this ABA Banking Journal article discussing the increasing competition for bank deposits.

7. Thought Leadership: Why Banks Must Embrace Blockchain Beyond Cryptocurrency

Blockchain has a potentially significant upside for banking such as cross-border transactions, fraud reduction, and trade finance. In this article, John Rodgers and Wayne Dix explore these emerging applications of blockchain in banking.

8. Insight: The Ultimate Guide to Store Operations

Nick Kramer is featured in this Retail TouchPoints article about ways retailers can leverage data and digital tools to personalize the customer experience.

9. Insight: Annuity Carriers Boost Staff & Streamline Operations to Handle Booming Business

Wayne Dix and Brian Nordyke spoke with Life Annuity Specialist about operating in today’s booming insurance market.

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