Leading with Purpose and Responsibility

We deliver digitally-enabled operating model transformation and drive business impact embodied with purpose and responsibility. Through our digital-first approach, we equip our clients and teammates with the tools and capabilities required to create long-lasting business results and enable stakeholders to measure and understand the ensuing environmental, social, and corporate governance-related impacts.

Our teammates are our most valuable resource. We foster a diverse and inclusive working environment, and champion internal and external initiatives that support the environment, health, and social policy reflective of our team’s values.

Transparency and Accountability

Boards and governing bodies will require groups to measure, disclose, and manage ESG risk.

Digital Forward and ESG Smart

Centralized data and analytics allow for faster decision-making related to ESG, a competitive advantage.

Our Team’s Perspective

“Every company will need to redesign their decision processes, product development, research & development, and talent to incorporate ESG.”

Ram Charan, Bestselling Author and Senior Advisor to SSA & Company

Our Team’s Perspective

"In this world of heightened awareness and focus, it is going to be increasingly important and critical for companies to assess, monetize, and measure ESG."

Managing Partner, Matt Katz

How We Help Our Clients

We help grow your people and ESG impact as we grow your business.

Digitally Native
B Corp Retailer

Improved pricing and promotions strategy for a certified B Corporation

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Packaging Manufacturer

Reduced potential carbon footprint by 7,800 tons CO2/year

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Developed market strategy to drive revenue and support sustainability

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Woman-Founded Business

Distribution center assessment and demand planning improvement

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We Practice What We Preach

We are committed to making our shared future better with responsibility, impact, and purpose

Green Impact

We create policies, enforce practices, and collaborate with suppliers to reduce our carbon footprint with our environment in mind

Betterment of Employees

Our Culture Committee and Leadership team regularly collaborate to ensure our internal wellness efforts align with our employee needs

Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity in thought and team composition improves our ability to serve our clients and is part of our value structure

SSA Volunteers

We encourage employees to contribute their time and capabilities to give back to causes and organizations they find meaningful

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Featured Insights


Celebrating National Volunteer Month at SSA & Company

We encourage our team to find meaningful ways to support and improve our communities. In recognition of #NationalVolunteerMonth

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Case Study

Optimized Network and Capacity Planning to Realize Improvement for Manufacturer

A private equity-owned manufacturer of absorbent products needed to optimize asset performance across the four-plant network to meet customer demand OTIF.

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