Energy companies face unprecedented challenges raising the alarm that global dependence on oil is in jeopardy. A combination of factors—the global pandemic, overproduction by non-OPEC members, the rise of renewables and electric vehicles—is resulting in both oversupply and suppressed demand. To compete and thrive companies must rethink how they operate and dramatically transform their operating models, supply chain practices, cost structures, and workplace design.

Continued price volatility, global health concerns, oversupply, and the race to carbon neutral place greater pressure on energy companies to reduce costs. No longer can they wait out the boom-bust cycle as they had in the past. While heavily invested in technologies to access real-time data, these solutions alone are not sufficient to drive the desired outcome.

Today’s unique challenges: protecting employee health and safety to an ever-greater degree, preserving cash, and taking advantage of the available real-time data to make more informed decisions requires new thinking.

We leverage our deep and pragmatic Operational Excellence experience along with digital and model building capabilities to provide insights that simplify tasks and drive operational improvements. We have helped companies lead projects to increase efficiency, decrease extraction costs, improve working capital, enhance asset management, reduce complexity, organizational design, and risk mitigation resulting in many multiples return on investment.

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"The SSA & Company team is extremely good and led the shift in performance by directly involving themselves with work teams, which has been very effective in helping us reach our goals"

Senior Vice President, Oil & Gas Provider

How We Help Our Clients

Lean Enterprise

Transforming the enterprise by assessing, creating, and executing work plans to drive improvements as a lever to increase production and reduce costs whilst building an internal capability

Linking Strategy to Results

Providing design and rollout of a Goal Deployment Process to enable alignment & clarity of sight to the strategic business improvement objectives

Asset Assurance & Process Safety

Guiding transformation through our in-house developed Integrated Level 3 Assurance Process

MCR (Management, Control, & Reporting)

Using new rig management system to maximize the productivity and safety of the rig crew working in extreme conditions

Accelerating Decision Making

Accessing and presenting real-time data to accelerate decision-making and improving operating performance

Predictive Maintenance

Improving foundational maintenance processes and incorporating real-time data to identify previously unknown modes of equipment failure, unlocking greater uptime

Digital Surveillance

Driving change by introducing Exception Based Surveillance on Well Operating Envelopes

Contractor Management

Helping clients understand key measures to manage all aspects of contractor performance and optimizing their service level agreements


Improved Equipment Operations Through Analytics

Oil and gas production company faced increasing production costs and had little to no visibility into field operations. The company needed help to proactively improve the transparency of its operating metrics by implementing predictive analytics dashboards for field operations.

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While today’s age of disruption and rapid digitization has companies rethinking their strategies, few know how to translate them into action and results. We work with clients to develop and implement tailor-made solutions that deliver exponential returns.

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