Our Story

What makes us different

We deliver digitally-enabled operating model transformation and drive business impact embodied with purpose and responsibility.

We equip our clients and teammates with the tools and capabilities required to create long-lasting business results and enable stakeholders to measure and understand the ensuing environmental, social, and corporate governance-related impacts.


Digitally-Enabled Transformation

The evolution of companies is crucial in a world that is ever-changing, yet companies struggle with execution. In 2014, we built our digital and analytics practice to help our clients efficiently seize new potential. In 2016, we added Deb Henretta to strengthen our understanding of the C-Suite. Today, our agile, integrated approach allows us to help CEOs and C-suite executives solve their toughest challenges. We deliver advanced operating models, turbo-charged by digital tools, including AI, RPA, IoT, and others, to drive faster, better, decisions.


The Shift

Execution Excellence For Growth and Capability

In 2004, David Niles, Scott Miller, and Dave Fuente bought the business. In a slow growth environment, they saw an opportunity to develop a solution built off the fundamentals of Lean and Six Sigma to attack revenue challenges and build organizational capability. We deployed our solution to non-industrial companies, customizing for various business situations and cultures. In 2009, we invested in Vance Street Capital and launched our private equity practice, which now includes dozens of leading venture, growth, mid-market, and large cap investors.

The Beginning

Creation of First Data-Driven Management System

Our firm was founded in the early 90’s. At the time, companies were strapped with enormous cost of poor quality. We took tools such as Six Sigma and Lean and made them into management systems to help companies and large portions of the economy become more efficient and competitive. We used big data before it was cool. Our first clients were Larry Bossidy, former CEO of Allied Signal and Jack Welch, former CEO of GE. We led breakthrough transformations, which are now regarded as some of the most well-known stories in business history.

Council Advisors
A family of businesses focused on supporting CEOs and top teams to drive exceptional results.
High Lantern Group
Provides strategic communications, issue management, thought leadership, and market insights for leading companies and organizations.
Develops talent strategies for organizations, teams and individuals. Works with top executives and teams to drive high performance and world-class leadership.

Our Experience

Strategy & Advanced Operating Models

Whether your focus is digital innovation, growth, transformation, or M&A, we design, activate, and operationalize your strategies to quickly unlock value. Our advanced operating models create competitive advantage and enable short- and long-term growth.

Digital & Advanced Analytics Enablers

Embrace innovation to unlock new sources of value by implementing advanced tools and techniques in your operation, whether you are using AI, Machine Learning, IoT, NLP, or other digital and analytics tools. We use our expertise in best fit solutions and change management to help companies achieve tangible ROI from their digital investments.

Revenue & Growth

Exploit opportunities in revenue, margin, and profit. We design growth trajectories and next-generation capabilities for today and tomorrow by identifying market, customer, and product solutions.

Capability & Skills

Build your organization, culture, and talent to sustain results. Agile, high-performing organizations drive growth, reduce costs, and build capability. We help teams outperform their history and achieve beyond potential.

Profit & Productivity

Optimize and improve your performance across the value chain. Whether it’s enhancing procurement, improving EBITDA, aligning corporate cost structures, enhancing product margins, or creating operational efficiencies, our teams create sustainable, pragmatic solutions, that your organization can scale.

Training & Development

Transformation starts with people. Today’s companies must invest in building capabilities that advance their overall strategy. Our actionable training delivers immediate value and builds a foundation for the future. We blend emerging and established techniques, seamlessly synthesizing digital and analytics with Lean Six Sigma.

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While today’s age of disruption and rapid digitization has companies rethinking their strategies, few know how to translate them into action and results. We work with clients to develop and implement tailor-made solutions that deliver exponential returns.

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