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At SSA & Company, we are always on the lookout for smart and creative problem solvers to join our talented, diverse team.

Talent is the only true, lasting source of competitive advantage. That’s why we firmly believe in investing in our people.

If you are looking to join, and grow with, an innovative, global firm that fosters professional development and career advancement, we want to talk to you.


Our small teams favor more flexibility and ensure each team member is a hands-on contributor to the unique value we provide clients—resulting in more visibility and greater impact.


Our senior leaders serve as mentors and work on-site with clients. Colleagues across levels are accessible and willing to share their knowledge.


Our collaborative, entrepreneurial environment allows for learning and growth through knowledge sharing and professional development.

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We prioritize initiatives that are valuable to our employees including volunteering, mental health and wellness, and creating opportunities to engage with one another.

Recruiting Committee

Our Recruiting Committee takes a leading role in the interview process and collaborates to facilitate hiring decisions and make improvements to the hiring process. They strive to recruit talented employees with diverse backgrounds and experiences that mirror the diverse clients that we serve.

Rajeev Aggarwal
Managing Director
Matt Katz
Managing Partner
Tricia Madden
VP, Human Resources
Brian Nordyke
Vice President
John Rodgers
COO & Managing Partner
Dena Tenteromano
Talent Acquisition Director

Company Culture

We are proud to provide a workplace environment that allows our colleagues to be their 100% authentic selves and support their commitment to giving back to the communities in which they work and live.

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Our Team’s Perspective

"Outside of my client work, SSA & Company allows and encourages me to explore different personal development interests. I was able to take time off to volunteer, as well as lead internal initiatives to promote learnings around the digitization of the market economy. SSA & Company’s fervent encouragement supports the development of well-rounded consultants and individuals."

Jenny Halim, Director

Our Team’s Perspective

“SSA & Company has given me the opportunity to continually expand my capabilities and skills across various industries. Success at SSA & Company is attributed to being surrounded by brilliant colleagues who are highly driven and genuinely care about each other’s success. The company culture encourages collaboration and diversity of thought to deliver exponential value to our client that I am proud to be associated with.”

Kathy Pangier, Vice President

Our Team’s Perspective

“Everyone at SSA & Company is focused on exceeding client expectations…all the time. We have some of the best minds and talent working with clients to solve the pressing issues of the day. The talent, energy, and enthusiasm is contagious.”

Fred Asbeck , Managing Director

Our Team’s Perspective

“What I love about working here is the people and culture. SSA & Company brings together some of the best minds in the industry to solve the most pressing issues for clients. Our people not only have a strong IQ but an equally strong EQ. This makes working at SSA & Company fun, intellectually stimulating, and collegial.”

Yogesh Sheth, Senior Director

Diversity at SSA & Company

Our team represents the diverse issues we work on and members we serve. Some of us are former Fortune 500 C-suite executives. Others come from grassroots nonprofits. Others come from public policy. More come from multinationals. We come together to best serve our clients.

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