SSA & Company Celebrates National Volunteer Month



SSA & Company Celebrates National Volunteer Month

Celebrating National Volunteer Month

We encourage our employees to support causes and organizations they find meaningful and provide hours away from work annually to give back. We are proud to celebrate some of the individuals who take advantage of this opportunity to give back.

For National Volunteer Month we are highlighting volunteer efforts and the amazing causes they support. Read reflections from their volunteer experiences and learn more about the amazing organizations they work with below.

Juliette Rolnick, Business Analyst

I volunteer with the AHRC New York City, where I conduct a weekly virtual music class. During this class, I play classical violin pieces, take requests for popular music, conduct listening exercises, and lead discussions on the ways in which music can enhance the lives of most. Founded in 1949, the organization provides valuable services to individuals with intellectual disabilities. While the AHRC’s mission is to help these individuals build full lives, I can say that the people that I have worked with and built these friendships with have done the same for me, through their kindness, enthusiasm, and brilliance.

Brian Nordyke, Senior Director

I am currently working with PennPAC as a Deputy Team Lead on a project to help a New York organization that works with survivors of gender-based violence.

PennPAC’s mission is “to harness the intellectual talents and professional skills of Penn alumni in a meaningful and socially beneficial way.” PennPAC partners with non-profit organizations to provide pro-bono alumni consulting on a wide range of focus areas and has assisted over 120 nonprofits, primarily in New York, Philadelphia, and San Francisco.

Jeff Krajacic, Managing Director

I am involved with the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota. This nonprofit organization has been around for over 150 years, and specializes in integrated healthcare, education, and research, providing expert, whole-person care to individuals in need. My own cancer diagnosis in 2016 and successful treatment at Mayo Clinic inspired me to give back to this amazing organization. I am a guest speaker at clinic fundraisers and also work as an advocate for rare cancer treatments and a coach for patients undergoing care.

Andrew Solar, Senior Director

I serve on the Associate Board of The Shirley Ryan AbilityLab (formerly known as the Rehab Institute of Chicago). SRALab focuses on patient care, education, and research in physical medicine and rehabilitation and has been the top-rated hospital of its kind for 30 years.

My primary responsibilities as a member of the Associate Board are serving as an ambassador for the hospital, working with patients, and promoting fundraising activities.  We run several keystone annual events including Art in Motion, which showcases and auctions patient art with proceeds supporting SRALab’s Art Therapy program, and SkyRise Chicago, where every November fundraising teams climb the Willis Tower to raise awareness and capital for SRALab. The event is the planet’s tallest indoor stair climb.

Thomas Johnson, Associate Director

Over the last couple of years, I have volunteered with the Rikers Debate Project (RDP). RDP teaches debate classes with current events curricula to students serving time at New York City’s correctional facilities. The goal is to generate advanced skills in communication, conflict resolution, and issue analysis which can be used to help participants find a job after serving their sentences. Introduced to the program by my wife who has participated for many years, I have been happy to learn from the students just as much, if not more, than they have learned from me. It’s also a great reality check – spending hours in a New York jail can be very intimidating, but the reward of teaching debate skills to the participants and having them teach me about their lives is second to none.

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