Celebrating International Women’s Day 2023



Celebrating International Women’s Day 2023

To celebrate International Women’s Day, we asked some of the women of SSA & Company to share perspectives on mentorship and different ways they have felt supported throughout their careers. Read their perspectives below.

Lasandra Barksdale Director

“In speaking to a female mentor about feeling overwhelmed, she shared the concept of ruthless prioritization, being intentional about investing time in only things that drive you towards your goals and eliminating things that don’t. I now start every week with an evaluation of my professional and personal priorities for the week and allow enough flexibility to adjust for changes from day to day. It was uncomfortable at first, but it allows me to set realistic goals, improve my mental well-being, and achieve more in my career.”

Mitzi Davis
General Council

“I have been extremely lucky to spend a significant portion of my career at Council Advisors/SSA. When I started here, I worked part-time and had very young children. As they grew, so did my work and hours, eventually coming back to full-time. I have always felt supported to have “both”—an active role with my family and an active role with the company. I was able to do substantive work on a schedule that worked for me. Managing a legal function is hard and your job is different every day but to do so in an environment that cares about your life outside of the office is a gift.”

Bonnie Gong
Associate Consultant

“Your career is a marathon, not a sprint.”





Jenny Halim

“Don’t be afraid to ask for opportunities – the worst response you can get is a “No.” I’ve pivoted to new industries and career interests simply by making the ask. Sure, the learning curve might be steep and your comfort threshold might be breached – but the career/personal growth is almost always worth it.”

Deb Henretta
Council Advisors Executive Leadership

“The key to health and well-being is to find real work-life balance. You will be better at your job if you take time to rest and refresh your mind and body. I have found it helpful to practice the E’s- eat right, exercise, and ease up.”



Brittany LaMantia Marketing Manager

“Focus on what you can control. Like life, work is full of known and unknown events. By preparing for the known, you are able to keep a calm and clear mind to successfully navigate when the inevitable unknown shows up.”



Tricia Madden
VP, Human Resources

“Don’t predict how you will feel or progress in your career based on any stereotypes. Always rely on your inner compass. I’ve continually found that the time I take to focus on my internal compass vs. measuring up to others is the best approach for getting where I want to go and building a fulfilling career.”


Mariah Muehler
Executive Assistant

“SSA & Company does a great job taking care of its employees by prioritizing inclusivity through our Culture Committee, providing resources and trainings around mental health, and prioritizing feedback as we continue to grow our brand/team.”


Kathy Pangier
Vice President

“Look at every role as an opportunity for personal growth. Be curious and explore opportunities to learn new skills and build new capabilities. Through learning and experiences, confidence can be cultivated and new passions can emerge. As part of personal growth, this helps you reach your full potential and be the best version of yourself.”

Sonal Randeria
Council Advisors CFO & CAO

“A favorite piece of advice is, ” You get what you tolerate.” If you couple this with a firm belief in yourself and your work, you can be unstoppable. An equally powerful statement that I keep in mind, particularly during tough times is, “Sometimes, the only person who will believe in you is you.” I have found this to be the price of leadership.”


Paige Sklar
Client Development Associate

“In the beginning stages of my career, I had a female mentor who always emphasized trusting yourself and leaning into confidence. She would tell me that character is key, energy is palpable, and the ability to command a room and lead are two separate entities. She also instructed me to constantly surround myself with individuals who I truly look up to.”

Dena Tenteromano
Talent Acquisition Director

“As a working mom with 2 young kids, I continuously feel supported by my peers and the leadership team. Knowing that I have flexibility and understanding when unexpected things arise with my kids is tremendously helpful as a parent and working woman. I can put my family first which is everything when it comes to my happiness and well-being.”



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